Get Through This Thing Called “Life.”

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Thanks you. That was awesome.

I spent a season of life orbiting Prince. We built a site together to sell his music. We talked about art, tech, commerce, and God. He let me play his piano. I tried to get him to do a video remix with a topless Milla Jovovich on guitar. We got creative and weird. He shared his high-end glamor.

He made me hyper conscious of how precious a gift music is. Pure vitality,

He should have been given more time.

Experiencing music is intimate. It literally enters you, you feel it physically. you experience it, you make it, with your friends, and they become family. your feelings for the musician and the music could not be more personal.

Life comes with a soundtrack.

I think this is why when musicians leave, it’s so hard. it hurts the heart.


My Utterly Humbling Experience With Prince:

We finished the “what’s up with the site” part of the meeting. I wanted to continue my “we should remix the unreleased videos in your vault as visual music” yammering. Sight could be to visual music the way hearing is to music!

He says, “So show me.” I tell him next time I’ll bring my rig. (Today to do what my many cubic feet of rig did then, barely, in DV, you’d need a core of a pair of iPads, and it would be HD.)

He stood up and sang about 30 seconds of non verbal, jaw dropping music.

“I don’t need a rig, you feel me?” And I did. It wasn’t a put down though I felt that a bit at the time. He was making a different point.

I Experienced Prince With Special Friends:

Lyssa Orchid: Greg Deocampo I recall back in 2000 you and Prince had become friends- I believe collaborating on some music/art. I am sorry for the loss- we all are. I believe Rodger, you, and I saw him in Vegas- It was amazing. I was pregnant, but you and R went to the VIP party and hung out with him. Testament of your individuality and creativity/brilliance that he chose to be friends with you.

Greg Deocampo: I’ve been thinking about that season of life all day. i’m so glad you were at those shows, Prince’s Vegas VIP party, that was living large. i was grateful at the time, i felt really privileged. We’d talk about digital and remix things and our relationships with God and I stopped being star struck and saw him as fundamentally like all of us, he was a person. And then I’d hear him play and think, oh, right, he’s a colossal musician whose music will be played forever. we were talking about things that were hard to put into words. and he suddenly asked, “you feel me?”, the first time i’d ever heard the phrase. it really struck me. it cut through everything and captured it all. i said, yes. i do in fact feel you. i really do today.

I have always greatly valued the opportunity I had to spend one on one time with him. It was illuminating. Now I think it precious. For a slice of time, he was my boss and mentor.

His leaving has inspired thoughts about the idea of instruments and the art you can make with them, purity of focus, and creating a unique body of work. And the idea of work as play. You don’t work music. You play music. It’s amplified and fueled my aspiration to grow instruments for making mixed reality visual music, and to use them.

Let’s go crazy 🙂


He speaks of Prince’s many good works, given with silence about the giving. I know he also made a point for caring for the many musicians who contributed to the foundations of modern music who were left without the means for food and shelter. Also given with silence.

This vid gets heart breaking.




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Perfect tribute from everyone to Prince. He insisted that he and musicians get paid.