The Ethics of Immortality




The improbable technology aside, I don’t think copying your mind and uploading it to a MindCloud(tm)  would be you, it would be a copy.  Gradually adding memory and processing, growing the space your mind runs in,  eventually making the original bio part a small easily replaced unit– that strikes me as portable to a MindCloud(tm) .   Expanding the hardware a human mind runs on and outgrowing the original biology was an awesome subplot in John Barnes’ Mother of Storms.

What are the ethical consequences of immortality technology? – Francesca Minerva & Adrian Rorheim | Aeon Ideas

Immortality has gone secular. Unhooked from the realm of gods and angels, it’s now the subject of serious investment – both intellectual and financial – by philosophers, scientists and the Silicon Valley set. Several hundred people have already chosen to be ‘ cryopreserved ‘ in preference to simply dying, as they wait for science to catch up and give them a second shot at life.

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