808 on 8/08

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Genre defining instrument making.
Foundational 808 rhythms and music.

TR-808 Drum Machine Flashback – Roland U.S. Blog

Author: Oz Owen and Roland UK Features Team Let’s kick this off with a little bit of trivia: the TR- 808 has been used on more hit records than any other drum machine. Read that again. This simple fact is made all the more improbable when you look back at the inauspicious launch of the TR-808.

808: The Movie

808 | The heart of the beat that changed music

Today’s Warmongers Need To Remember How Much Horror It Costs

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Some kind of scene like this has played out because of war at least 1,329,644 times in American history.

Today I’m hearing a lot of casual talk, I’d actually call it casual warmongering, about how the country again needs to dramatically increase the spending of soldier’s lives, and about an implied need to be way less concerned about the incidental killing of civilians.

Maybe our lives depend on doing that. It probably doesn’t. It needs to be questioned hard.

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Soldiers aren’t the only ones killed in war. Many journalists, practicing the only profession specifically protected by the Constitution, give their lives so that the people know what the military was ordered to do. Their work documents history.

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Remembering Tim Hetherington, five years on

The film begins with Tim Hetherington trying to describe why he risks his life to tell stories from some of the world’s most dangerous regions. Eventually, he finds the right words: “I want to connect with real people, to document them in real circumstances, where there aren’t any neat solutions.”

American War Deaths Through History

The following is a listing of US casualties in the various conflicts that have been a part of the country’s history. The following numbers reflect only reported war deaths and exclude those wounded and/or missing. The Civil War maintains the highest American casualty total of any conflict.