Alan Turing – June 23, 1912

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Alan Turing June 23, 1912

Cool equations from On Computable Numbers With An Application To The Entscheidungs Problem, 1936. Wherein he described the mathematics of computing machines. What he does with Godel’s Theorem is remarkable. Historic paper– it founds computer science.

Cow spots from The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis wherein he lays out the math that describes the evolution of pattern in nature. Like cow spots. And galaxies. His last paper. Math the predicts nature is mystical.

The rainbow because he was gay. Which got him chemically castrated, imprisoned and assassinated. Excuse me he committed suicide. (He was assassinated.)

Scott Kelly & NASA: Abstract Artists

Scott Kelly, American hero and badass space artist.

Scott Kelly, American hero and badass space artist.

NASA got Scott Kelly to the International Space Station where he made amazing art. He also spent a year there, and he got back safely.  A historic achievement. Non fiction science fiction. We were obsessed with the smallness of the 2016 presidential campaign so it wasn’t particularly talked about.

Kelly always points out that the accomplishment is not his alone, that the NASA community deserves equal credit.  Still, he was the one floating in space for a year.

While floating in space he created a series of abstracts, Passing Over the Land Down Under. They’re shots of Australia.

I think they’re among the great artworks this century.

One of them:

scott kelly earth art 4

Many of them:

Passing Over the Land Down Under

Astronaut Scott Kelly took these photos of Australia from the International Space Station and posted them to Twitter.

Badass return from outer space:



Cyborgs Move Among Us

They’re on the weird side, but with a fascinating notion: their “art lies in the creation of their own senses.”

neil harbisson

This is Neil Harbisson. That thing on his head is an antennae he had planted IN HIS SKULL.

The antenna allows him to perceive visible and invisible colours such as infrareds and ultraviolets via sound waves. The antenna’s internet connection allows him to receive colors from space as well as images, videos, music or phone calls directly into his head via external devices such as mobile phones or satellites.

moon ribas

This is Moon Ribas (way to go, mom and dad).  She has connected her elbows to global seismic sensors.  She is developing a “motion sense” for planetary movement.

She gives performances, Waiting for Earthquakes, where she stands, waiting for earthquakes. If there is no earthquake she just stands.

It’s hard to describe this without snark because WTF. BUT… amazing. And bold.

And there are civil rights issues. Apparently people see them and freak the fuck out. WHICH IS BIGOTRY and they’re fighting it.

Hopefully they don’t aspire to Star Trek villainy.

To advance the cause of cyborgery Moon and Neil have a Cyborg Foundation.

Neil Harbisson

Neil Harbisson website site web


Kathy Niakan, Mad Scientist

Kathy Niakan, Mad Scientist

This is likely to be controversial.

Kathy Niakan is leading the Francis Crick Institute research team that applied for permission to edit genes in human embryos

Kathy Niakan is leading the Francis Crick Institute research team that applied for permission to edit genes in human embryos

Kathy Niakan intends to use the most amazing tool in biotech– CRISPR– to edit the genome of human cells and then grow it into an embryo.

Her goal is to understand how people develop. The idea is, by deleting genome components she will be able to see the effect and infer function.

I think this must be similar to that time I tried to understand how Windows works and deleted files to see what happened. Turns out Windows is fragile.

Growing people with parts of their genome deleted is bad, so she plans to grow the edited embryos for 7 days and then, without a shred of mercy, destroy them.

My understanding is, her intent is to grow super powered humans in order to overthrow the United States and establish a world government, preserving only the Federal Reserve.

Wikipedia, as usual, has good info. This is CRISPR. It’s conceptually cut and paste for genomes. The genomic analog to word processing is well under way

Some snarkless science:

UK scientists gain licence to edit genes in human embryos

Francis Crick Institute Scientists in London have been granted permission to edit the genomes of human embryos for research, UK fertility regulators announced. The 1 February approval by the UK Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) represents the world’s first endorsement of such research by a national regulatory authority.

The genius and her work:

The awesomeness of CRISPR