Nefertiti Art Hack

The artists Nora Al-Badristealthily and Jan Nikolai Nelles 3D scanned the Nefertiti bust in Berlin. They call the project The Other Nefertiti.

Nefertiti was originally stolen from Egypt and they want it back. The Germans who have it in their possession don’t think the Egyptians have the ability to care for it and are blowing them off.

Here is the model for printing and nixing. The artists have made this digital echo of one of humanity’s treasures open source.  It’s a modest balancing of the work becoming an icon of Berlin and not of Egypt and Thutmose, the artist who made it 3,361 years ago.

Art endures.

This is a micrometer accurate print:


If you’re wondering what’s the deal is with that ha?  it covers her X-Files head, just like her husband’s, Akhenaten. Were they aliens here to breed with and elevate humanity? Possibly.

nefertiti was an alien



Visit Exotic Cosmic Locales! Travel Poaters From NASA.


Great public art created by NASA!

I considerately put all the high res versions in one pace.

Exotic Cosmic Locales Available as Space Tourism Posters

Fourteen space travel posters of colorful, exotic cosmic settings are now available free for downloading and printing.

Assange goes free or to jail this Friday.

Julian Assange says he will ‘accept arrest’ on Friday if UN rules against him

reported by the Guardian.