Raza Raheel: Islamic Feminist & Reformer

Raza Raheel

Raza Raheel

Raza Raheel is an Islamic feminist and reformer from Pakistan living in Canada. She is an eloquent advocate for gender equality for Muslim women. So, of course, she is the object of death threats.

The death threats come from what she regards as radical Islam, and she includes considerably more people than ISIS. Where the practice of Islam includes the oppression of women, female genital mutilation, and the intense persecution and execution of LGBTs, she fights for reform. Islam is practiced this way by hundreds of millions of people in many countries.

Our perspective on civil rights– human rights–  needs to include more than America.  The way people stood up for racial, gender, and orientation equality here in the U.S. people need to stand up for people dominated by radical Islam. Drone strikes are not a strategy for fostering change in hundreds of millions of people.

A possible model for this is the anti-apartheid movement. End financial relations with these countries.

Islamic feminist reformers are core leaders for making things better for everyone. Raza’s efforts are of particular note.

Happy International Women’s Day.

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When Encryption Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Are Encrypted.


Which for a moment makes a kind of sense until you think for half a second. Then it’s obviously stupid the way insuring privacy can be violated is obviously stupid.

What makes more sense is, “when encryption is outlawed, only outlaws have encryption.”

There is always the panicked rush to give terrorists the victory of Americans voluntarily giving up basic rights. In this case the right to privacy.

That we voluntarily give the technomedia companies our data does not mean we should enable doing so involuntarily. If a government backdoor is created, a backdoor will have been created, and it will be exploited.

And it’s hardly unimaginable that there would be  encrypt enabled devices to fill that glaring market hole.

Game chats are not encrypted. SMS is not encrypted. Both have been used to coordinate terrorist plots. Experience says terrorist activity doesn’t require encryption.

We’re looking to machines to solve the problem. The answer is people. Fire the bloated useful Homeland Security and intelligence mega-community that’s been over built. Put those resources instead into people who know what’s happening on these networks because they’re participants.

Thank you Tim Cook for being a leader on the issue. Also thanks for fixing my Mac for free because you used crap solder to keep the GPU in place.