808 on 8/08

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Genre defining instrument making.
Foundational 808 rhythms and music.

TR-808 Drum Machine Flashback – Roland U.S. Blog

Author: Oz Owen and Roland UK Features Team Let’s kick this off with a little bit of trivia: the TR- 808 has been used on more hit records than any other drum machine. Read that again. This simple fact is made all the more improbable when you look back at the inauspicious launch of the TR-808.

808: The Movie

808 | The heart of the beat that changed music

Alan Turing – June 23, 1912

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Alan Turing June 23, 1912

Cool equations from On Computable Numbers With An Application To The Entscheidungs Problem, 1936. Wherein he described the mathematics of computing machines. What he does with Godel’s Theorem is remarkable. Historic paper– it founds computer science.

Cow spots from The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis wherein he lays out the math that describes the evolution of pattern in nature. Like cow spots. And galaxies. His last paper. Math the predicts nature is mystical.

The rainbow because he was gay. Which got him chemically castrated, imprisoned and assassinated. Excuse me he committed suicide. (He was assassinated.)

Sean Finn Riders On The Storm Great Cover & Remix


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If you’re curious about what is going on with European electro house, this is.

Sean Finn (Official)

Sean Finn weekly Radio Show now on: https://www.mixcloud.com/seanfinn/ ————————————————- Hype Artists E-mail. sebastian@hypeartists.com ————————————————– Booking Germany daniel@fakeartists.com ————————————————- Starjays DJ & Act Booking info@starjays.de ——————————————————— French Territories Booking: Maud Brooke – maudbrooke@qmpagency.com ——————————————————— Sean Finn – Biography Sean Finn – an essential name in the electronic music scene worldwide.


Anonymous #OpWhiteRose Truck Frump Data Dump

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If you want to ring or text Drumpf his number is 917-756-8000.

His social security number isΒ 086-38-5955.

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