Civil War: Trailer 2, The Best Shots (imo)

Civil War

Civil War

Know idea why Marvel doesn’t do at least SOME color correction etc so I did some for my favorite shots from the new trailer. Which are basically the storyboard.

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Poor Winter Soldier, Awesome shot of Cap and shield. Tony, his sad moment realizing he and Cap are enemies. OMG it’s T’Challa which sounds French toasty. Scarlet Bitch wailing on Vision. I guess we now know who in addition to Agent Carter is killed. The moment Tony decides he has to rip Cap in half. No battle screws with her hair. Vision goes down. Obligatory Hawkeye who should be home . No idea who this is. Iron Man about to blast Cap. Cap looking rougher than we’ve ever seen him. Team Cap, in the next frame Wanda starts to fly so that’s interesting. Team Tony.  IS THAT WEBBING? IS THAT? Webbing is confounding even for Cap. Classic shot. There he is, mashed with Cap.