“Follow The Bleater” by John Shirley

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Interesting assessment of the psychological afflictions of young trumpeters, They’ve been dominated (and not in the fun way) by the magic of a dark shaman. Not abracadabra magic,  magical thinking in the sense of inducing decision-making by manipulation of the subconscious.

John Shirley is a great writer of philosophical speculative fiction.  Also great action stuff like Halo stories.  Buy something:


A better title for this blog post is “The Subconscious Mind is the Real Power of Politics.”

Follow the bleater: Donald Trump and the power of the subconscious

Us, them – yes, that’s an appeal to unconscious racism. Threatened people, worried about their future, look for scapegoats; xenophobic instinct arises. They are afraid of the future-of poverty, of competition for money. “Us! Them! Me, Gold, Me, Behold, billions-behold, Gold!”